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Nurturing and Balancing


Partería Colibrí provides ceremonial postpartum sealing and yoni steaming resources. These ancestral practices are based on the principles of warmth, medicinal plants and energetic balance. 

Ceremonial Postpartum Sealing 

This ceremonial sealing is traditionally held at the end of the 40 day laying-in period (cuarentena) however, it can be done even years later. It is an opportunity to receive a nurturing experience that aids in re-establishing physical, emotional and energetic balance. Home birth clients receive this as part of a holistic care package.  This service is also available by appointment for individuals who have given birth (c-sections too), experienced a miscarriage or had an abortion. The components of this sealing are: 

+  Herbal Yoni Steam Bath 

+  Hands on Womb Massage 

+  Rebozo Body Massage and Sealing 

+  Belly Binding (as needed)












Herbal Yoni Steam Bath  

Steam is a traditional way of returning warmth to the body and pairing it with the medicinal properties of plants amplifies its effects. It is a simple and nurturing activity that can be done for regular maintenance or to address specific ailments. Partería Colibrí offers this resource for individual use at home. See this resource at our shop. It includes: 

+  Herbal Blend

+  Instructional Guide

+  Clay Pot  (as available)

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