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ParteriaColibri@gmail.com |   Ribera, NM

A practice rooted

in compassion.

Partería Colibrí is pleased to be of service to people of all national origins, gender identities, religious affiliations, sexual orientations, ethnic or religious backgrounds and abilities. Serving parts of Santa Fe, San Miguel and Mora Counties with the following services: 

Prenatal Care + Home Birth

The goal of prenatal care is to ensure a healthy pregnancy that

leads to a healthy and safe birth. You can have prenatal care with a midwife even if you decide to birth with another provider. Care is individulized and includes regular visits to monitor maternal and fetal well-being.      

The typical visit schedule is:

+  Once a month up to 28 weeks of pregnancy
+  Twice a month from 28 weeks to 36 weeks of pregnancy
+  Once a week from 36 weeks of pregnancy until the

     baby is born.


Home birth services are provided during labor, birth and the immediate postpartum. The midwife typically leaves your home approximately 4 hrs after the birth. Labor, birth and immediate postpartum care include but are not limited to the following: 

+  Monitoring the well-being of  you & your baby during labor

+  Supporting you emotionally and physically during labor

+  Providing evidence-based recommendations as needed

+  Skilled management as you birth the baby & placenta

+  Monitoring and evaluating your baby's transition

     immediately after the birth

+  Tidying up after the birth and light meal prep 

Postpartum + Newborn Care
The goal of postpartum care is to ensure a healthy transition for both you and your baby. The typical visit schedule is: 

+  1st visit at 24 to 36 hours after the birth

+  2nd visit at 5-7 days after the birth

+  3rd visit at 12-14 days after the birth

+  4th Visit at 6 weeks after the birth


Lactation Support

Education and preparation during pregnancy and postpartum as well as assessment and care of lactation challenges. Lactation support is included in the postpartum care schedule, however additional visits can be scheduled as needed. You can request lactation support even if you had prenatal and postpartum care with another provider. 


Well Care

Gynecology services with a balanced medical and holistic approach.

Services include physical exams, pap smears, blood work, pregnancy testing, STI testing and other labs. Visits are scheduled as needed. The goal of well care visits is to prevent, identify or treat conditions to maintain your overall well-being. 

Partería Colibrí works within the guidelines provided

by the State of New Mexico. View these guidelines at:  


We offer affordable out of pocket plans and accept Medicaid.