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Bringing babies


You deliver your baby. Midwives support
that process.
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Home birth is a safe option for healthy low-risk pregnancies. Midwives are trained medical professionals who support clients in maintaining healthy pregnancies and in giving birth naturally. Midwives have emergency skills training to keep clients safe if an emergency does arise and transfer is needed. Current research shows that low-risk clients benefit from a home birth because they are less likely to receive unnecessary or dangerous interventions.  


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In the midwifery model of care, birth is not seen as a medical event but as a sacred and transformative event. Home birth allows for care to be provided in a way that honors this as part of the entire process. Giving birth in a hospital does not make the birth any less sacred, however, many hospitals and providers do not make decisions or set policies with the sacredness of birth in mind. 


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Our bodies know how to grow babies and birth. Birth is not a medical emergency like a broken leg or a high fever but a natural physiologic process. Ironically, many medical interventions during pregnancy and birth can lead to medical emergencies. Home birth with a midwife provides an environment where birth is not disturbed and is treated as a normal, natural process. Evidence supports that allowing birth to proceed naturally leads to fewer interventions and better outcomes for both the birthing parent and the baby.


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The practice of midwifery and birthing at home is a deeply rooted tradition for most people across cultures. New Mexico historically had the largest number of home births in the U.S. Recently, Northern New Mexican families had a break in that ancestral tradition. Unfortunately, maternal and infant outcomes have not improved despite the increase in hospital births. Frankly, the U.S. falls behind in the areas of maternal and infant well-being overall. Home birth can improve outcomes for families and preserve cultural traditions. 

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